Not getting feedback from your customers
is like driving with a blindfold.

Nobody would think of driving with a blindfold on. Not only would it be impossible to avoid all sorts of dangers and obstacles, but you’ll also miss what makes the ride enjoyable…the scenery. Ironically, that’s exactly what so many small businesses are doing when they don’t get their customers’ feedback.
They risk missing the critical changes in customer preferences and desires.
Furthermore, they entirely miss the opportunities that come from knowing your customer. When you understand your customer, both as a group and as individuals, success requires less guess work. The lay of the land becomes crystal clear. It becomes more obvious what you need to provide your customers for them to be happy. Business becomes more enjoyable.
We get’re busy running the business and don’t have time to become friends with all your customers. Besides, they come and go so quickly; there’s just no time to strike up a chat. When they need something again, they’re bound to come back.

What happens to relationships that are ignored? Simply put…they die.

The real question you should be asking yourself is how can your business afford not to get to know who your customers are and what they want? And this is not just something for mom and pop businesses that operate in the main street of a small town. Look at this quote by Jeff Bezos, World's Richest Man & CEO of Amazon:
The No. 1 thing that has made us successful by far is obsessive compulsive focus on the customer.
We’re talking about Amazon…one of the biggest and fastest growing businesses in the world. Maybe they became that way because they make the effort to know their customers. Furthermore, they don’t even have any staff that interacts with customers face to face…yet, they are obsessed with their customers.
Businesses are fundamentally the combination of two things:
  1. Products or services to sell
  2. Customers to buy them
You know what your customers are buying (at your store), but do you know why? Do you know why others are not buying? Can you find out what else customers want to buy from you or are already buying from your competitors?

What do you really know about your customers? Is your business driving blind?

Welcome to

We empower genuine two-way communication between businesses and their customers.

Facebook makes it easy to for you to communicate with friends. You simply find them in your friend list and send them an in-app message. brings that capability to your business.
Once a customer connects with you, a two-way communication channel opens. Customers can send you messages...maybe details of things they need or want, complaints about their experience (better they complain to you than on social media), or general questions.
Inversely, you can prompt them to evaluate your performance, take a poll of your customer base, or just promote a specific product, service, or event to select customers.
In short, you can take the first steps to a friendship that will create incredible loyalty, as well as giving you the information you need to dramatically improve your business.
Try 3-month trial for just $9.99!
*That's less than a dollar a week!
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It's easy to use.
The way the system works is rather easy. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up an account! All you need to do is encourage your customers to visit on their phone while at your business. The GPS capabilities of the phone will recognize where they are and serve up a small pop-up specific for that location, like the one shown above.
Also, you can allow your customers to directly "friend" you by clicking a button on your personal business page. Once the customer has friended you, you're both connected and can send each other messages.
By making it easier to provide direct feedback, you accomplish two things.
  1. First, you get more feedback and learn more about what your customers want and what they don't like about. That alone is pure gold for your business.
  2. Second, you increase the likelihood that customers will contact you directly with complaints instead of airing their grievances on Yelp for the whole world to read.
Take a look at this feedback on Yelp. Wouldn't it be better if you got this feedback directly instead of seeing it shared with half the internet?
What's it worth to get negative customer feedback discreetly instead of reading it on social media?
Whether it's answering a complaint, responding to a genuine question, or thanking a customer for visiting your store, enables you to express genuine interest in your customers.

People just wanted to be treated like people.

Being able to engage in two-way communication with your customers is a game-changer. Nowadays, more than ever, people wanted to be treated like…. well, people. They don’t want to get generic messages. They can smell inauthenticity a mile away.
Read what Eric H. has to say:
So for me as a millennial to be excited about a business, it would need to be a fundamentally different experience that, instead of relying on superficial novelty, instead cultivates meaningful human interactions in a world increasingly isolated by convenience and technology.
Today's customers want authentic and meaningful interactions with your business. Are you able to provide them that in a way that can easily scale?

Timing is everything!

We're still in our Beta trial period, which is the reason we're offering 3-month trial subscriptions for less than $1 per week. We want to learn about what customers like you need and value. This means that we'll be devoting a great deal of energy to learning your business and figuring out how to maximize the effectiveness of our product to your needs. You'll get highly personalized attention.
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Try 3-month trial for just $9.99!
*That's less than a dollar a week!
Cancel at any time.
P.S. Once the trial period is over, we'll likely give all our Beta trial members special pricing for the rest of their subscriptions to thank them for their help. But this is only for members of our Beta trial team.
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