Create a cult following for your business
by creating personal and meaningful interactions
without a lot of extra work.

You might think selling a good product is enough for today’s customers, but that might not be enough to set you apart for your competitors. With the abundance of competition, today's customers are so quick to switch from business to business...and that doesn’t even consider how easily they can order online.
Loyalty seems almost non-existent today.
To set yourself apart from your competition, you can either attract new customers by doing something different...a unique gimmick. OR, you can offer such amazing customer support that customers can't help but prefer you.
Read what Eric H. has to say:
So for me as a millennial to be excited about a business, it would need to be a fundamentally different experience that, instead of relying on superficial novelty, instead cultivates meaningful human interactions in a world increasingly isolated by convenience and technology.
Whoa! That’s a mouthful, but Eric is basically saying that he wants his patronage to go to a business that cares about him as a person, not just a customer. He wants to go somewhere that provides him a completely different experience...not just a different or better product. That different experience could be as simple as feeling like a friend when he goes somewhere.
You got to ask yourself, "Am I losing customers by relying on superficial novelties?"
You might be thinking to yourself, "But I have a loyalty program for this." I'm rewarding customers when they do the things I want them to do.
Have you ever thought that maybe your loyalty program is turning off some customers who want a more genuine relationship with you...not to mention offering discounts and rewards to people that were already going to buy from you?
Are you using the two different forms of motivation appropriately? If not, the results can be disastrous!

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We help you build a more personal connection with your customers without a lot of extra work.

Through a proprietary communication platform, we enable your customers to “Friend” your business.
Once this occurs, a two-way communication channel gets established whereby both the customer and the business can talk to each other through in-app messages. If you have a special event, a time-sensitive promotion, or just a survey question, you have access to your customers via a simple message. In turn, your customers can send you messages too.
Through this messaging functionality, we offer an additional kind of motivation that is missing in our competitors.
Our competitors advertise themselves as "loyalty" software. They facilitate the distribution of "rewards" when a customer performs a certain task, like earning a certain number of "points" from your business or visiting a certain number of times. This approach can work...for a limited time.
Research from the top business schools has shown that, over the long haul, the approach our competitors take can actually HARM a business. If used too extensively, or exclusive of REAL interactions, these just amount to bribing your customers. Customers get accustomed to these “promotions” and “rewards” and stop acting until they get these rewards.
As exposed in best-selling business books, like Drive and Why We Do What We Do, by constantly bribing a customer, you are training them to rely on the extrinsic motivation of a reward instead of their intrinsic motivator of loyalty.

With these other loyalty softwares, you might be inadvertently training your customers
to value your business less and less! Not good!

True loyalty, the type you have with a good friend, is earned by expressing a concern for their well-being and being considerate. You get that through superior customer service or making your customers feel special. You don’t have to bribe them with "rewards" for coming to your house or sharing dinner with you.
Let’s pause for a moment and imagine the perfect retail experience:
John walks into your business because he learned that an event is taking place there soon, or maybe it was a promotion you were offering that brought him in. Immediately, your employee can look on her phone, learn John's full name and that he was there two weeks ago…and before that two months ago. Last time he was there, he mentioned needing to get something for his daughter's birthday and purchased a specific item. He responded to your automatic Thank You message with an affirmation that his daughter enjoyed the product. Oh yeah, it also turns out that John sent in a question a few days ago about whether you had a different product.
How powerful is that knowledge when you want to provide John a special and unique experience at your store! Once John gets a taste of that VIP treatment, you’ve locked him in. He won’t be going anywhere else just because they offer a slightly better price, or even because it’s more convenient. He’ll go out of his way, and maybe even pay a higher price, to shop from a store that treats him like a friend.

We're a better way because we allow you to motivate your customers
through extrinsic as well as intrinsic motivators. is on a mission to empower customers and business owners like you with the perfect communication platform.
Customers deserve to be fully understood, and businesses should be able to do that without a lot of manual work. Through a combination of pre-set automated replies and manual interactions, customers will come to feel the type of devotion to themselves that will cause them to feel cult-like devotion to you.
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