Without the right tool
to maximize your event ROI,
you’re fishing without a hook.

Events are one of the most effective ways to get and keep customers. People love coming to events, being entertained, sampling products for free. They are the secret weapon for dynamic business growth by those who know how to use them, but there’s a problem: getting people to come to your event.
Maybe your potential attendees forget about it or just don’t find out about the event in time. Perhaps they never hear about your event and continue to live their lives oblivious to how much they would have enjoyed your event. Or, those that do come don’t leave you a way to follow up with them. Or, maybe you need to change the date of your event, but all your advertisements have been sent out. Think about what Gerry P., a small business owner like you, had to say:
Getting new customers to an event is hard enough, but what’s the point if you can’t contact them later and follow up?
It’s been scientifically shown that most new prospects need to be contacted several times. Some experts think the average is as much as 4 – 7 times! Your event is just one of many needed touchpoints. How else are you reaching them?
That question leads to the other problem of events: How CAN you reach them after the event is over? Are you still relying on everyone to "sign in" when they come to your event?

Are you wasting your time on the events your business needs to survive
because you can’t retarget your attendees effectively?

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had an easy way to develop a list of everyone who came to your event...and also a list of everyone that RSVPed? What about the capability to send them event reminders or follow-ups? What if you could automatically have their full name and details about whether they've ever been to a previous event?
Well, now you can.

Welcome to Frnd.us

We make it easy to attract, track, and follow-up with customers at your events.

Frnd.us makes it easy for anyone to connect with your business by simply pressing on a button on their phone. Whether a person just intends to RSVP for your event or is actually there "signing in", they just need to open the website on their phone and press the "I'm Here" button on the pop-up that loads automatically. That's it!
Our website uses the GPS coordinates capture by the phone to show thet user your marker details when they are at your location. By pressing that button, which validates their true location to ensure they are at your event, they get officially recognized as having attended.
In your lists of attendees, you’ll see them listed with the ability to contact them in the future...either with an automated, customized response or a manual, personal message. Your choice.

Want to know what we have that our competitors lack?

Our competitors, and perhaps the software you currently use, enable you to send promotions (aka "bribes") to garner customer attention. Not only does that lose effectiveness over time, but it could actually be hurting your business! When you stimulate a customer's extrinsic motivation too much through the use of coupons, you train them to rely on them in order to business with you. In effect, you are training your customers to wait until you discount your products.
We empower you to simply have a 1:1 conversation with them. The result is a much stronger bond with your customers…and one that doesn’t cost you good margins on your product every time you want to see your customer.

Your business thrives on hosting events for potential and existing customers.

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