Our Projects

Frnd Us

Location-based gamification system for establishing and maintaining business-customer relationships.

Aprenda Information

Developer of educational tools for the high school test prep market.

Cool Code Camp

Computer programming course for middle and high school girls in South Florida, focusing on HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Our Services

Marketing PNG

We offer (and employ ourselves) various forms of marketing in order to discover what pain exists and suggest our solutions for them.  Guerilla, PPC, SEO, Raffles, Email, and Display marketing.

Strategy PNG

Step one is pinpointing the exact pain.  Step 2 is designing the solution.  We can be there with you at every step.

Development PNG

Our domestic and international developers build database-backed, dynamic solutions in whatever technology is most practical.  We specialize in building websites in a WAMP environment.

Want to know more about our company

We tend to get used to the problems in our life, but if you’re doing any repetitive activities on paper, excel, or a whiteboard, then maybe together we can come up with an easier way.


About Us

It’s undeniable that technology has been a significant influence in the world.  At Second World Enterprises, we want to be a part of steering that influence towards making the world a better place.