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Feedback is a gift, especially when you receive it in a way that you can act on it. Our solution enables many forms of private and direct communication between customers and businesses.
What could be for you...
Get customer feedback
It's almost cliche that customers are the lifeblood of your business, but what do you really know about them or their desires. Are you missing a product that they'd really love to buy from you? Did they have a bad experience last time? Wonder what they really think about your business? With us, you can simply ask them.
Capture Event ROI
Events are an important (and effective) part of marketing your business, but can you calculate how many people turn into future customers. Can you remarket to people who RSVP, or even attended your event, but you never saw again? With us, you can.
Cultivate personal relationships
Millenials for sure...and most decent people wouldn't mind a little personalization and human warmth when interacting with your business. We make it possible...and easy.
Improve Customer Retention
Everyone knows that it's easier...and less keep an existing customer than it is to get a new customer. We can help you keep your customers.
Create mailing lists
Email remains one of the most powerful forms of communication. It's direct, constantly checked, and highly customizable. If you don't have a great mailing list, we can make it easy to build one!
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Is the customer always right?
Here's what Gary Vaynerchuck says:

A lot of business owners like to say that "the customer is always right", or maybe they think it's cool to say that the customer's sometimes wrong.

If you are consumer centric, you will always win. I don't care about my feelings. I'm pure humility to the end consumer. I've been retail for my whole life. All I know is watching the eyes, watching the reactions, using my intuition, to what felt good to the other person. The market is my king, lord, religion, nothing else.

That's where all the answers are. They're not in the Bain and McKinsey's, the fancy decks from Harvard. They are in the trenches. They always will be. It's all about listening.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.