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By: Suzanne Kapner and Esther Fung
TLDR: Rents aren't falling as fast as sales for some struggling stores. The irony is that landlords are also having trouble find tenants. The problem is lower rents devalue their propery, which makes it harder to borrow in the future. As a result, many chains are simply reducing their footprint.
The fundamental problem, though, is that nobody is figuring out how to draw more traffic to their stores.
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By: Natasha Janic
TLDR: Many retailers view retention and loyalty as the same thing. It’s not. You take for granted the loyalty of existing loyal customers by allocating marketing / sales dollars that could be better spend elsewhere. Also, your loyal customers may prefer a different offer.
You need a plan based on what drives customer behavior. Understanding customer motives is the key to knowing what offers to push.
Retention strategies differ significantly from loyalty strategies. Monetary incentives drive retention. They’ll stop a customer from going somewhere else. Experience incentives drive loyalty. $$$ incentives get your customers but relationships keep them loyal.
Customer lifetime value (LTV) is the ultimate loyalty metric.
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By: John Anderer
TLDR:It’s not uncommon to offer disgruntled customers discounts. After all, what business wants to incur negative reviews online.
Ironically, while that may satisfy the customer in the short term, it may not be the best thing to do. Turns out that the customer ends up getting used to the cheaper price and end up more dissatisfied than before when returning to full price.
A better solution seems to be to enhance the customer experience with a special bonus, an extension of subscription length, or more personalized attention.
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By: Melanie Jucewicz
TLDR: Customers only have so much money to spend on you and your competitors. By offering a loyalty program, you can incentivize them to spend a greater proportion of that money with your business.
The key to a great program is customer engagement and simple, appealing rewards. Here are tips for maximizing the success of your program.
  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Offer both a digital and plastic method of interacting with the program.
  3. Offer thoughtful, creative rewards that are designed to invoke a specific behavior.>/li>
  4. Follow up with email marketing.
  5. Sell gift cards to your loyalty program participants.
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By: Danielle Kost
TLDR: Instead of being threatened, companies should engage with user communities to better understand the customer. Proper use of a user community can contribute to supporting innovation, reinforcing brand loyalty, and exposing recurring issues.
One of the easiest ways to get started is by simply offering a “suggestion box”. Naturally, that’s just a one-way form of communication. Even better would be a way in which users can interact in a conversation with the company.
Companies should also be on the lookout for communities of customers that already exist.
With the right tool and an appropriate amount of interaction with the customer base, companies can receive a great deal of value from their customers.
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Tags: Customer Acquisition, Real-Estate
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