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Make yourself known!
Connect with your favorite businesses.
Give feedback, earn rewards, become a VIP, and more.
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Businesses want to hear from you...and they're willing to reward you for it. Our solution enables many forms of private and direct communication between customers and businesses.
To everyone wanting a deeper CONNECTION
at the places where you spend your time and money:

Give Feedback that Matters
Make your voice heard!
  • Suggest they carry that special product you want.
  • Complain about sub-par service to someone who can actually make it right.
  • Comment on their new marketing campaign.
Earn Rewards
Participate in their loyalty program.
  • Get rewarded for visiting a location.
  • Earn credit for doing an action the business wants.
Get VIP Access
Befriend a business and what good things can happen in return.
  • Get pre-sale access to limited inventory
  • Receive invites to VIP-only events
  • Learn about business updates first
Control Your Privacy
Keep your details private! Interact with the business only through this website and your alias.
  • Never actually give your email address...just access to communicate with you.
  • Choose to aggregate all your mailings into one weekly summary.
  • Accept communications from a business in one click.
  • Control which businesses you communicate with...or block
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